Angels blow their horns
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Angels blow their horns

This page is written in testimony to the glory of God Almighty.
Quit Smoking

In distraught, loss of love, I had wished for change in my situation. With numerous suggestions/possibilities running incessantly through my mind, I could only think of institution or deadly giving up.

Tasted both per chance as a stray bullet, deciding to park on the left side of my neck, turned me quadriplegic. No one had answer to my “Why me? And What is quadriplegia?”  My Lord God through prayers from my Mother and other well-wishers; Cherubim & Seraphim Church members mainly, made it easy to accept my situation understandably

I didn’t see any white flash of light when coming out of coma. But I have seen my recovery as a big enlightenment. Every ounce of my being is the work of His creation. .