Angels blow their horns
Forward to Fogo
Angels blow their horns
For by God's grace and mercy; comfortable sitting at my avenue of communication,
with the fruition of one of my wishes. I can only credit God Almighty who
(through my faith in Him) has made it possible for my survival and existence! I
didn't see any white flash of light while coming out of coma No one had answers to
my “Why me?” and “What is quadriplegia?” questions. Foolishly I tend to wonder
why I was given another chance at life. Be careful what you wish for, it might just
My first visit to United States was as a student in 1976 but due to a mishap, was
deported early 1979. I came back in 1981 on a visiting visa and have since been
living in the SF bay area. Not too good single-parenting my daughter of 1984; I got
married in 1986, fathered twins in’87 and got estranged from my wife in ’89. In
distraught and loss of love, I wished for a change in my situation.
"I am lucky and super blessed. I know that sounds strange for a person who was
shot in the neck in 1992 and, for the first six months, could only move my eyes. I
was transported by ambulance from Oakland to San Francisco and began my long
road back with daily rehab here at the neighborhood hospital.
I had an apartment (25 Sanchez) in 1993, divorced in ’94. Looking over the past
25 years, I have graduated in computer aided drafting at City College. Today, I
tutor students at the college and volunteer as peer counselor at the hospital. I like
the idea of being an angel to someone...that's my everyday blessing. God has given
me the tools."  Prayers from my Mother and other well-wishers (Cherubim &
Seraphim Church members) made it easy to accept my situation understandably.
But I have seen my recovery as a big enlightenment. Every ounce of my being is the
work of God’s creation. Starting everyday with the Lord's prayer works wonders.
The Lord's prayer